The Change in Challenge- a Short Reflection


#sol18- January 23, 2018

My OLW for 2018 and already it is keeping on my toes. Just last week, as I was drafting a blog post, I noticed that the word “change” is within “challenge” and this week it proved too true. My sweet cat of 15 years died on Thursday and that change has been a challenge. I have come to realize (and probably will continue to learn more in the days ahead) just how much it meant to my life to have Pele as my companion.

I used to try not to move much in bed, as she was often on my pillow and unsettling her meant she would take awhile to be still again,

She used to get the fan left on for her each morning as I left the apartment (I keep reminding myself I can leave it off),

I used to keep doors closed (to the guest bedroom and kitchen) so she could not get inside,

She used to sit right beside me on the couch,

I used to have trouble concentrating during my morning mindfulness because she was pretty sure I did not need to sit still then (now I only have myself to blame when I am distracted),

She used to love to sit in closets, so I usually left at least one open for her,

I used to have someone else to look after, and now it is just me.

There is an empty spot in my heart and a lot more quiet at home- I know this change will continue to be a challenge for me!


Former student slicing: Zhi Hong

6 thoughts on “The Change in Challenge- a Short Reflection

  1. dmsherriff

    So sorry for you loss. Change and challenge certainly go hand in hand. They each have the word hang in them, too – so my words to you are hang in there and hang on to the memories! Thanks for sharing!

  2. barbara suter

    My son and his girlfriend have a cat who is definitely a challenge. Your post is a reminder of how we sometimes miss most the things that brought us the most challenge. I will share this with them. Sorry about Pele….


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