The Tipping Point


#sol18- January 30, 2018

As an international school teacher, I feel like the tipping point comes earlier. You know the tipping point I mean? I am talking about the date when you feel “behind” because all of your colleagues have already planned their summer. I mean, it is January, school does not end until June 8th, we have not even celebrated the 100th day of school yet, people!

This weekend I succumbed- I started beginning to plan my summer. I am NOT wishing time away- I am moving this summer and fully intend to enjoy the rest of my time here in KL, but last week we had our “leavers meeting” with the head of human resources, going over the organized, but long and time consuming list of all of the things we have to do before actually moving on. To temper this feeling of overwhelm it is no wonder I looked for something else to occupy my mind. Some of my teammates have been talking about the great ticket prices they snagged for their flights “home” for weeks, but I felt stuck- I could not really plan without knowing more of my parameters.

Bit by bit things have developed. Firstly, my sweet cat died, so no need to leave my apartment here occupied over the summer- now I could move from here in June and move on to my new “home” in July with stopovers wherever I desired. Then came the thinking part- would I apply to TC again this summer (I have attended the writing institute for the last two summers and while I long to return and even go to the reading one too. I finally decided that this summer will be expensive enough with the move that I should not apply this summer- this broke my heart a little, because I really get so much from my time there)? What else did I want to do this summer? I want to catch up with two great friends- one based in Atlanta (who summers in France) and another in Berlin- still trying to figure out if and when this is possible. Will we meet in Berlin or France together or separately, or will it all get too complicated and busy? Then those pesky updates from nErDcampMI kept calling to me. It seemed like every time I turned around they were announcing another fab author would be at camp this summer. Then there was the talk amongst my nerdy friends- who would be coming, who would miss it this year? Last summer I had told myself I would take this summer off- even though the camp itself is free it is expensive to fly and stay there. But those reminders of what I would be missing, they kept coming…

So, Monday I caved. Even though I am not in a position to book my flight back to Boston yet to see family and friends I solved one of my summer plan dilemmas- I booked my flight and hotel for camp in consultation with some friends. So although I do not know when I will leave KL or when I will move to PP I know I will be at nErDcamp. I guess it is a bit of me trying to have some control over the next 6 months, when I know that the time will rush by in a blur. Although I know I will feel excitement, stress, sadness, and more in the months ahead, I also know that I will get some food for my heart this summer and going to camp will be a part of it again.

It turns out that my own tipping point will be multi-step as I plan for this summer of change- I have lots more to arrange, but I know where I will be on July 9 and 10, so that is a start!




Slice from my former student, Zhi Hong, who would love a comment.

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