Facebook Official- So Many Connections


#sol18- February 6, 2018

I figured it was time to make it Facebook official this weekend- it was a big decision, but I had decided almost three months ago- I am not sure why I kept it fairly quiet for so long. My family knew, my close friends knew, many colleagues knew… This weekend I heard from my future team and their warm words of welcome eased me into my announcement:

“An update, although most of you know it by now (signed in November, not sure why I never got around to posting ’til now)- this summer I will be moving to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Although I will miss my friends (and students) in KL I am really excited about this next opportunity. Hope to have visitors.”

It turns out that this was news to many people and what’s more, some people that I know have connections to my next school. I got several messages “introducing” me to future colleagues with subsequent offers for help in the transition. I was reminded once again how wonderful it is to be a part of international education, as it so often does feel like a tiny community. So even though I am moving to a school where I know nobody the combined forces of assigned professional and social buddies along with random friend connections make it feel like I am well supported in this change. Now I can relax and enjoy the months ahead with my current colleagues and students and savor all of the “lasts” because it’s Facebook official.






Former student slicing too-Juliet!

4 thoughts on “Facebook Official- So Many Connections

  1. sallydonnelly11

    You are so brave! But as your post explains, you suddenly have connections to this new place, making it not seem so scary. It really is a small world! Can’t wait to read your posts in your new place next year. I know nothing about Cambodia.

  2. glenda funk

    How exciting. I watched an episode of House Hunters International featuring Phnom Penh a few days ago and wandered at the changes since the late 70s. The city looks exciting and inviting. Best to you in your new adventure.


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