Growing Book Lovers


#sol18- February 13, 2018

Time zones are often a pain and today they almost did me in. Yesterday in the US the major book awards for the year were announced. I like to watch it Before I show my students so I can focus on their reactions when we watch it together. Last night (my time) when they were live streamed from the US I was sleeping, so my plan was to watch it in the morning. I watched part at home and part at school but had to hurry to get it all in before a parent conference.

Our class had done a Mock Caldecott and a Sibert Smackdown, so the students had strong feelings about those two categories in particular. My students were so excited to see some that had been in our book bins win or take honors and were also so curious about those we had not yet read (I confessed that I had already done some quick book ordering before school this morning to get some missing ones ordered). I then read Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut aloud, a book that was not on our Caldecott lits, but that I had bought recently, so they could enjoy this book that had won so many awards.

We then had a good long time to read without any mini-lesson first- the way I figured it, they had had a long series of mini-lessons thoughtfully evaluating all of the books they had considered for our class awards, so now was the time to celebrate our shared love of books!


Former students slicing: Shijie and Zhi Hong.

5 thoughts on “Growing Book Lovers

  1. Alice Nine

    Sometimes I think mini-lessons get in the way of loving books and loving reading. Was is so great in sharing the awards is they saw not only the celebration of reading but also the celebration of writing.


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