Getting Ready!


#sol18- February 27, 2018

Bit by bit I am preparing. Recently at a lunch for last year’s students, I asked for volunteers who would be willing to mentor the newbies this year. Happily, many hands went up. I shared the idea with my neighbor teacher and he jumped on board. I added a line or two of explanation to our class blog this weekend. I had a few veterans create a short video, while he invited some others to come in for our joint introduction. After a few minutes we moved back into homerooms and I passed out a calendar page to each student- just one month- March. Together we brainstormed “back up ideas” so that when we were feeling empty we could pull an idea from our calendars. We talked about the break that will be the last week of March and how to work around the challenge of no wifi. We looked at a few examples from last year.

When I asked, “Who is going to try the Slice of Life Challenge with me?” many hands were raised (and I am hoping that a few more at least jump in in the next few days). I know the start is always hardest, so March 1 we will slice at school, but after that, they are on their own (although I will provide support and encouragement along the way).

I can’t wait to see what the challenge will do for us as a community of writers in the month ahead! (and I hope you will look for their slices!).



Former student, Zhi Hong, still slicing.


4 thoughts on “Getting Ready!

  1. So exciting — it must be great to experience with a class. I encourage teachers I partner with to join and I love it when they do. I agree this week is the worst – once you get going it takes on a life of its own. Happy writing!

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