Read Aloud Saved Us Today


#sol18- March 2, 2018 Day 2/31

Today was crunch time! Student led conferences are next Wednesday and Thursday and even though I HATE last minute rushes today felt like deadline day. I wanted as much as possible prepared today so that Monday could be for any fixing and finishing and Tuesday we could have a brief practice (with the rest of both days being regular lessons- something that got a bit lost in the shuffle of this week being Book Week and the week before conferences).

We started with a “normal” math lesson where students were finishing up their own shape book on Book Creator. Then we went on to the writing part of the SLC agenda. Pre and post assessments were handed back and reflected on and students chose other writing work they wanted to share. After completing a few thoughts on growth and goals it was time for a break (and a read aloud getting ready for March Book MadnessUnicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great). Next, we were on to the “other” section of the agenda, where students had to choose a few more items and prepare any reflections, link anything digital, and update their agenda). This left just enough time before recess for another read aloud (Thunder Boy, Junior this time).

After specials it was time for something different (a free choice reading and writing time or genius hour work), yet happily, there was time at the end of the day to squeeze in yet another read aloud (Nerdy Birdy). Even though I hate to feel the pressure of deadlines (and impose them on students in a stressy way) our read aloud breaks saved us all from feeling overwhelmed today. Thank goodness for books!

8 thoughts on “Read Aloud Saved Us Today

  1. carwilc

    This day sounds like it was breathlessly busy! And yet you made time for read aloud! Definitely a teacher who has her priorities in order!

  2. Cara Wegrzyn

    I’m with you on the power of a read aloud to change the pace and tone of the day. Our book-a-day time is so special, and when we are able to have a bonus-book-a-day (or a bonus-bonus), it’s all the better!

  3. Ashley

    We have student-led conferences coming up too, and I’m with you! No matter how much else is on the agenda, read aloud time is just not up for sacrifice!
    Thanks for encouraging me to slice; I’m loving it!


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