Counting Up Instead of Down


#sol18- March 19, 2018 Day 19 of 31

I am not usually the count down kind of person, preferring to stay in the moment and not get sucked into daydreams of the future, but Spring Break is so close, and it may be more longed for than I can recall, so today I count up all the things I do to prepare fore break (in no particular order):

  1. I started planning this break in October- a good friend (and former colleague and I agreed that we would meet in Bangkok for the EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools) conference that was scheduled over our break. Knowing that I would need to be in Bangkok on Wednesday meant that the rest of break would likely be spent in Thailand too-ideally a beach!
  2. I booked a hotel (there is a cheap one near the conference site that I have stayed at before).
  3. In November I got word that my school would pay for the conference for me- yahoo!
  4. In January I found out that a good friend here also had signed up for the conference- along with 2 other mutual friends we planned to beach it for part one of break.
  5. In early February we met to plan part one of break. We did not have any real ideas- I threw out Khao Lak as a place I had heard good things about and it fit our criteria of not being too far from Bangkok (a one hour car trip from the Phuket airport which is only 1 1/2 hours from Bangkok).
  6. The four of us sat on our computers looking up hotels then found this – did you look at the pictures? Not sure what kid free means, but…we are in!
  7. Tonight I checked in for all my flights and will print the itineraries in the morning.
  8. I have already loaded up my Kindle (and will charge it before I go).
  9. Because we leave for the airport straight after school on Friday I will pack on Thursday (easier in hot climes and with a packing list on my phone). Before then I must also get some Thai baht, pay some bills, figure out what school work I must bring (I arrive back Sunday afternoon, so there is no escaping it). It would be a great idea to read up on the Khao Lak area too.
  10. Surely I am forgetting a few things- ideas???
  11. Counting up the things to do before break makes it all seem possible- a perfect combination of relaxation, friends, and a bit of work.
  12. Ah, break is coming fast!

4 thoughts on “Counting Up Instead of Down

  1. Wow! Sounds like an amazing learning experience and an incredible holiday at the same time! I know nothing about EARCOS and would like to hear more. Happy traveling! I enjoyed reading your list (I love to make lists!).

  2. Wow, that sounds and LOOKS amazing! Hope you have a great time. Can’t wait to read your posts about it.

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