I Blame My Mother


#sol18- March 27, 2018

Today half of our group of four moved on- Linnea and Maggie boarded a plane to Bangkok for the preconference- Heidi and I had one more day!

My “treatment” of the day was different thanks to Heidi’s suggestion. She said that after so many days of sun and sand our bodies might need a “refresh”, so we reserved an hour long “Sensational Salt Scrub”. I have only had a foot scrub before, so this was guaranteed to be a whole new experience. I am all about trying new things. The brochure said, “Using sea salt as a base, this highly effective body scrub leaves your skin instantly softer and smoother. Ylang ylang and jasmine essential oil combine to create a romantic, calm and uplifting feeling.” It all sounded good (although the romance improbable).

This week through our “special discount” massages Heidi and I have seen more of each other’s bodies than would normally be expected amongst friends, but the spa staff had no such worries. We were shuttled into a small changing room to undress except for disposable black tiny somewhat stretchy boy shorts. Once on my table the wonderful therapist began her work. I was scrubbed from top to bottom, front side and back a body part at a time, while the rest of me waited underneath a light cloth. Heidi finished a minute before me and was sent to the shower in the changing room and told to put on new disposable underwear after showering. I waited outside the shower for Heidi to finish, then took my turn.

It felt great, really relaxing. Then I was back on the table and slathered gently with thick lotion. Some tiger balm was massaged into my neck, I was bent and stretched a bit, and then sent back to the changing room to dress again.

It was a blissful experience (aside from the hilarity in the changing room), trying to figure out what was expected of us before, midway through, and at the end. Turns out I would happily have a body scrub again, even though I would prefer a room to myself next time.

So, three massages and a body scrub in my four full days in Khao Lak- I blame my hedonistic mom for my early taste for massage. She used to ask my sister and I to massage her back after a long day’s work and then we got our (much shorter) turn. She progressed to professional massages and much later in life I found out I liked them too. In Berlin I was lucky to have a great place on my street and that special treat has become a much more regular habit now that I live in Asia where massage is much cheaper and more accessible (and common practice for many people).

Not a bad way to refresh after all of the beach and pool time and prepare for the teacher conference ahead (spoiler alert- it is off to Bangkok for that tomorrow, so I expect there will be more massages in my future, including my quest to visit the training school at Wat Po).

6 thoughts on “I Blame My Mother

  1. We all need these periods of self-indulgence. Sounds like you entered into the experience with gusto and made the most of it. Blame your mother for a much needed respite. i’m envious.

  2. I have always said that if I won the lottery I would have a massage every day. It is blissful and they are always too short. Maybe I need to move to Asia?

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