The Important Thing About PD


#sol18 March 29, 2018 Day 29 of 31

A little context: I am at EARCOS, a large, regional teacher’s conference and happy to be enjoying some PD during break (really, I am glad it is happening while I do not have to write sub plans). It is a great chance to connect with colleagues, meet some people I follow on Twitter, and learn from some of the speakers. Day 1 ends with an evening reception (still to come), but I was in a session about using picture books to inspire some poetry this morning and drafted this based on The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown and decided this could be my slice:

The important thing about PD is that it helps you to grow,

It should be differentiated,

It reaffirms or brings about common understandings,

It gives energy when done right,

But the important thing about PD is that it helps you to grow.


Looking forward to two more days of learning.

1 thought on “The Important Thing About PD

  1. wahooteacher

    I love, love, love this post! I think that your poem should be printed out and posted widely because you nailed what PD is and should be. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your conference!


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