Feeding My Teacher Heart


#sol18- March 30, 2018

There are some who might not choose to use half of their March break on PD, but then there are those of us who do:)

Today was started off with a fabulous keynote by Pernille Ripp. If you have not heard her speak you are missing something special. I have followed her on Twitter and via her blog for years and first had the pleasure of meeting her at NerdCampMI a few years ago. She is one smart cookie and I find that she inspires me to turn around the next day and try to be a better teacher for my students. Her no-nonsense way of stating her opinions, explaining her philosophies, and advocating for whats best for students had me smiling and nodding throughout.

I fangirl stalked her the rest of the day- attending her sessions on Passionate Readers, Passionate Writers, and Global Connections. She reminded us of the importance of community, of asking the kids for feedback on our teaching (she says we have the best pd in our classroom every day, so we should make use of this and ask students for their input more often), we have to share our “hard times” as a reader and writer more purposefully, and so much more. I love her honesty as she shares the things she used to do that now she has reconsidered. I enjoy how she sprinkles in research and cites her sources and always has some books to recommend. IMG_7090.JPG

I am grateful to have had the day learning from Pernille once again that I can be a better teacher with resources like her to support me- the perfect boost as we begin the fourth quarter on Monday.

As an aside, Pernille is also an exceptionally generous person and carried three professional books for me from the US that I can’t wait to read (Patterns of Power, which I have read and needed to own, in addition to Kids 1st From Day 1 and Poems Are Teachers)- more fuel for my teacher heart.




6 thoughts on “Feeding My Teacher Heart

  1. LisaV

    I just love her, too — thank you for posting your reflections AND for being a teacher doing PD over spring break. I love her lessons (esp. asking kids for feedback — so very important!). Here’s to the awesome re-fueling that comes from being inspired! (And I’ll be at #nerdcamp this year – can’t wait!)

  2. cmargocs

    Such a great opportunity to see your inspiration in person! I now have to hunt for those books, for myself and my teachers.

  3. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Oh, I’m so happy for you Erika! I have 2/3 of those books (Need Kids First) and they are wonderful. I’ve yet to see Pernille in person but agree she is a total inspiration!


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