Third Graders Today!


#sol18 May 15, 2018

Today I was out for a professional development workshop (Apple Innovator), which sounded great two months ago when it was arranged. Last week we had three unplanned days off (one for the election and then the two days afterward were declared holidays), which sounded great at the time (and allowed me to get lots done on report writing), but added mega stress when we were back at school yesterday (units are supposed to be assessed, the end of year is looming, etc., etc.) while I scrambled to write sub plans for today- trying to get the balance right of work that a guest teacher could deliver easily, would be useful to the students and would help me meet some of my “this time of year” goals.

Yesterday I shared the plans with my students (they gave it a thumbs up), sent the plans to the teacher, and felt good about the day ahead.

Fast forward to this morning and while waiting for the workshop to begin I checked my email and learned that the counselor would not be in for our end of day lesson. Plan B is what I emailed to the teacher next door to pass on to her.

Now it is evening and after a full day, I am wondering how the day at school went. I was able to get a tiny window into the day two ways. I left two assignments for the students to complete in a half hour before recess- a survey and a Flipgrid. I just looked through both and learned so much! I already knew (of course!) that these kids love books- they had lots to say about their recommendations for summer reading (sometimes so much that they got cut off). I could also see and hear lots going on in the room… The survey was an inspiration a few days ago- I wanted a quick way to get some feedback from the students to add some of their voice to their reports- I got that for sure!

The end of year is full of busy, that is for sure, but today I got a reminder of the joy and community too! With only 15 1/2 student days left I better soak all of that up too!

3 thoughts on “Third Graders Today!

  1. So interesting how because of technology, we can have a sub but still know if the learning occurred!! Enjoy these next 15 1/2 days! I bet it will be even more special because you will end school and begin a new adventure in a new country. Also thanks for the nudge to keep using surveys and flipgrid!

  2. It is great to slow down, take notice and celebrate the growth of the year. I often worry this time of year gets so jam-packed and stressed that no one actually enjoys it. I love that you too this “problem” as an opportunity. I hope you enjoy these last days with your students – this they will remember.

  3. Love that technology and well thought out plans allowed you to feel the energy your kids have towards books and learning even without you there – THAT makes you, in my mind, one fabulous teacher! Hope the next 15 1/2 days are filled with celebrations for all you have experienced together! thanks for sharing!

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