Today Was Very Necessary


#sol18- May 29, 2018

It is the second to last week of school and in true Malaysian, as luck would have it, today was a holiday- Wesak Day. Public holidays are a chance to catch up on life and today it was so necessary. Reports were due yesterday to the principal, so today was my get stuff done at home day since the movers come on Friday and Saturday. Friday the students have a holiday while we teachers do some organizing at school (the school is moving to a new campus this summer). After school my movers will come to school to take away my gazillion books and assorted other things that will move with me. Saturday the movers will come to my apartment.

Yesterday it seemed like my plans might go up in flames. Friday when I walked in the elevator in my apartment building I saw a sign saying that the Management Office would be closed Saturday, June 2 for Nuzul Al-Quran. Now I know that buildings here only allow service trucks in for half a day on Saturdays, but if it was a holiday the movers would not be allowed in at all-PANIC! I had arranged all of this weeks before- nobody mentioned a holiday. I had even gone into the office and told them that I was moving that date and they had given me a form that had to be turned in two days in advance. I emailed right away, knowing that the office was closed. Saturday I got a response saying the administrative assistant would have to check with the boss and let me know on Monday.

By Monday afternoon (yesterday) when I still had no response I was truly in a tither. I hurried home from school (truth be told during the month of Ramadan there is no hurry in the afternoon because there is so much traffic). Luckily I got there before the 5PM closing, but the person I had to talk to had already left for the day.

I explained my situation and the man, who did not speak much English passed me on to someone else. She listened to my story and said, “No, it is a holiday, so you cannot.”

“I have to,” I said. “It has all been arranged for weeks. I told your office and nobody said I could not. I did not even know that it was a holiday until I saw the notice in the elevator.”

I then showed her the email from the administrative assistant telling me I would get a response that day. At this point, she handed me the form to fill out for permission to move. I filled it out as completely as I could and handed her the deposit (about $75 to cover any damage the moving company might cause). I repeated that there really was no alternative (I am actually still going to be in the apartment for two weeks afterwards, as it is furnished, but the chances are that I would not be able to schedule another moving day this late). She talked to someone in the back room, took my deposit, and handed me a copy of the form to show the guards on Saturday.

When I got up to my apartment I heaved a giant sigh of relief! I then responded to the moving company, as when I was in the office I had called them to try to find out the license number of the truck that would be moving me (a required part of the form that she let slide). The moving company was telling me that they had just realized that it was a holiday and that usually, buildings do not allow moving on a holiday, so I should check with my management office-hmm, better late than never. Luckily I could then report that I had the necessary permission.

So, after all that, today was a calm down day and a chance to begin (yes, I said begin- it is a busy time of year) organizing for the move from the apartment I have lived in for the last four years. I made a list of all the jobs I had to complete before Saturday morning and successfully completed four of the nine jobs before escaping to a friend’s house for an early dinner.

I have to practice pack (pack the two suitcases that I will take with me), sort out three closets, and my desk before Saturday at 9:30AM (and on Friday get all my school stuff ready to go for afternoon packing and pick up), but at least in 4 days it will all be done- one way or another. Then I can “relax” and enjoy the last week of school (and likely berate myself when I find things that should have been packed from home or school).

Phew, I got this! Thank goodness for the gift of time today!


Zhi Hong (a former student) slices too.

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