Hurry Up and Wait


#sol18- June 26, 2018

I definitely have a love/hate relationship, as I suppose most people do. I am always excited/anxious about travelling, so it starts with not much sleep the night before. Then, no matter what time I am taking off, I just want to get “there” (in this case at least to the airport).

This morning I was feeling melancholy- although I have had a great 6 days in Chicago (visiting my son, attending a Scholastic Reading Summit, meeting up with some friends, and exploring Chicago a bit), this morning signalled my goodbye to my son and the knowledge that I likely would not see him for a year.

Rather than go out and do anything I decided I would just go to the airport early (my departure time was 2:10PM) and eat lunch there- knowing that I always enjoy people watching in airports, which might be good slice fodder.

Before I could even get out of the apartment I had an email- my flight was delayed until 3:56- sigh. After emailing my son (who was already at work) and my mom (who is my next stop) I decided to head out anyway. I struggled with the lock box where I was to leave the key (my son is at an Airbnb for the summer as he is interning in Chicago) while a team of landscapers looked on, but managed in the end.

Chicago has a great train system, so I headed out to the Blue Line and about 30 minutes later I pulled into the airport. O’Hare is big, but pretty clearly labelled, so I found Spirit Airlines, checked in my bag and was left with just over three hours until departure time.

Afer wandering a bit (and finding Barbara’s Bookstore that John Schumacher always raves about whenever he flies) I filled a few minutes looking at books. I wandered some more before grabbing a quick (and unhealthy lunch) and then began the drama of trying to connect to the airport wifi. Somehow my phone and computer always struggle with this, so it took several restarts and more patience than I would have liked to get connected.

So then I glance up at the gate sign and notice the flight is even more delayed… 5:17 is the new time now, so I am back to a three-hour wait. Happily, I am not in a time crunch, so I will fill the time with reading (and ARC of Resistance by Jennifer Nielsen from the reading summit- which seems sort of timely with recent news) and people watching.

After today it is 12 more days until my next flight (that one leaves at 7AM and will take me to NerdCamp, so I am sure I will be too excited to sleep the night before).

Travel is exciting (for sure), but there is always that hurry up and wait time!

3 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. arjeha

    Hurry up and wait seems to be the rule of thumb when traveling. A bookstore is always a good place to pass some time. Hope that everything is running on time for your next trip.

  2. Kristi Blauch

    I feel for you! I’m the same way. I will show up early just to wait. I can’t be late for anything. One of my character flaws I suppose!

  3. Mallory Austin

    I too go to the airport early. The moment after I get through checking in my bags and going through security, I feel like vacation can begin. Thank you for sharing.


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