Summer Time is All About the Timing


#sol18- July 3, 2018

Summer time is all about timing- what will you prioritize? I have four week in the US this summer and I am trying to cram EVERYTHING in (see last week’s post for example).

Yesterday I worked for hours to get caught up on my online math class, write a blog post for #cyberpd, do some professional reading, and get caught up on Jennifer Serravallo’s free writing summer camp, so today I was going to have a less structured day, with no plans until evening when I would meet my dad and stepmother for dinner. Instead, I had a somewhat sleepless night (food poisoning I think- yuck!). After finally waking up I had a text from my dad- his wife is feeling sick, so dinner was cancelled and he instead suggested a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts instead.

We made plans to meet in the early afternoon, yet I still wanted some time to fulfil some of my summer bucket list, so I headed off to get a bagel and visit an independent book store (Bagelsaurus and Porter Square Books respectively).  I was riding the T, so had time to kill and tweeted out my morning plan. Within a minute I had a reply from the lovely Victoria Coe and she was coming to meet me (we have met before and she knows I love her and her books). After grabbing a Trex at the bagel store I gobbled half on the way (after all, I had a “sensitive” stomach). We had a great visit to the book store and caught up a bit on each other’s life (book 4 in her Fenway and Hattie series is coming out in MAY!). What a bonus to my day! I LOVE that sometimes things just work out.


Let’s see what else will be in store in the next 13 days!


One thought on “Summer Time is All About the Timing

  1. jarhartz

    What a lovely summer meet up! I’m spending my summertime with hours and hours of reading. See you at the #cyberpd link up in a few days.


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