Summer Time is All About the Timing


#sol18- July 3, 2018

Summer time is all about timing- what will you prioritize? I have four week in the US this summer and I am trying to cram EVERYTHING in (see last week’s post for example).

Yesterday I worked for hours to get caught up on my online math class, write a blog post for #cyberpd, do some professional reading, and get caught up on Jennifer Serravallo’s free writing summer camp, so today I was going to have a less structured day, with no plans until evening when I would meet my dad and stepmother for dinner. Instead, I had a somewhat sleepless night (food poisoning I think- yuck!). After finally waking up I had a text from my dad- his wife is feeling sick, so dinner was cancelled and he instead suggested a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts instead.

We made plans to meet in the early afternoon, yet I still wanted some time to fulfil some of my summer bucket list, so I headed off to get a bagel and visit an independent book store (Bagelsaurus and Porter Square Books respectively).  I was riding the T, so had time to kill and tweeted out my morning plan. Within a minute I had a reply from the lovely Victoria Coe and she was coming to meet me (we have met before and she knows I love her and her books). After grabbing a Trex at the bagel store I gobbled half on the way (after all, I had a “sensitive” stomach). We had a great visit to the book store and caught up a bit on each other’s life (book 4 in her Fenway and Hattie series is coming out in MAY!). What a bonus to my day! I LOVE that sometimes things just work out.


Let’s see what else will be in store in the next 13 days!

1 thought on “Summer Time is All About the Timing

  1. jarhartz

    What a lovely summer meet up! I’m spending my summertime with hours and hours of reading. See you at the #cyberpd link up in a few days.


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