#cyberpd Week 2 Chapters 3 and 4

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Ooops, my time at nErDcampmi had me too busy to post until now, but, Sara Ahmed was there in person:) I am lucky to have learned from her in person several times by now. She gave a NerdTalk that focused on living a “hyphenated life”. By that she meant all the labels attached to us (in her case, one example being the daughter of Indian Muslim immigrants). She talked about trying to get it right on both sides of the hyphen. I might have cried.

In Chapters 3 and 4 I was once again impressed by Sara’s intentional language- I need to focus on this more! She is also great at teaching me more about accountable talk and how to amp it up for students.

I found myself being hyper aware of my own biases after reading this section and it really is something to notice some of them and then purposefully shove them aside.

I have done the drawing activities with students in the past, but now I can see that we can unpack the responses much more fully. (Side note- my pilot was female only because I have recently been reading about Amelia Earhart). I am wondering what texts I might use to replace the Diane Burns poem (p56), as I am not sure if it will be approachable for my students. I will definitely use the identity statements and can see them being added on to at various points in the year.

I like Sara’s reminder to push us to go from a student-centered to a socially minded classroom (p77). Connecting identities to our news is definitely an idea I have not used in the classroom, but I think third graders can do it for sure! Sometimes I am hesitant to bring up news as I know so much can be controversial based on the diversity in our classroom, but I think if it comes from the students it is naturally something that we should talk about, as it is on their radar. I like the nudge to push beyond initial thinking in a scaffolded way. I can see this as a possible kick starter to Genius Hour.

I really want my future colleagues to read this book! I think Sara is right when she says this is worth going through as a community of adults before working with students (and for that I am grateful that we have the #cyberpd community, so if my at school colleagues do not read the book I will be able to reach out to you!). I am glad I will have this book in my suitcase with me as I begin a new school year!

4 thoughts on “#cyberpd Week 2 Chapters 3 and 4

  1. Cathy Mere

    It looked like lots was happening at #nErDcampMI. I was so sorry to miss it this year, and so sorry to not catch up. Thank you for sharing your thinking on the next two chapters in Sara’s book. One of the reasons I find #cyberPD pushes my thinking is as I go to read the reflections of others there are always little parts I didn’t note, ideas that get amplified, or thinking that pushes past the thinking in the book. You mentioned Sara’s point to move from “a student-centered to a socially minded classroom.” I so appreciate that you amplified this point for me. Language matters and this small change certainly shifts the perspective. It really pulls the emphasis away from teachers as the center of the learning to the way students can lift one another.

    I wish I could have been there to hear Sara live. I saw her mentioned in many tweets during #nErDcampMI.


  2. margaretsmn

    I was able to see Sara speak at NCTE last year. She is impressive. I teach lower elementary students, too, and hesitate to bring in too much news. I am confused by it, so I feel inadequate to help my students have a clear understanding. I think you’re wise to let the lead come from them. I had definite FOMO feelings watching posts around Nerdcamp.

  3. thelogonauts

    If I wasn’t already jealous about Nerd Camp this year, seeing Sara Ahmed there definitely made it worse! Definitely hoping to make it back next year.

    I love your point about reading this book as a school community. Someone mentioned in a comment on my previous post about the power behind repeating some of these activities (like the “Where I’m From” poem) across different years so that students could see how they themselves grow and change too!

  4. Michelle @litlearningzone

    Thanks for sharing about Sara at #nerdcampmi …. I wonder if her talk was recorded? I’ll have to search it out as I’m sure it promises to be powerful! I have also been so aware of the language that Sara suggests, so insightful and helpful! I agree that we don’t necessarily need to bring up news events, let the students bring “our news” and move through the process of action. I like your idea of converging it with Genius Hour!


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