A Busy Start

#sol18 July 17, 2018

Today begins my new adventure- flying from Boston to Detroit to Seoul to Phnom Penh. Although the first flight was domestic, I opted to get to the airport very early for my 8:50 departure, as I was unable to check in online. Of course, that should have set off my alarm bells, but…

I managed to fill all my time- the easy part was repacking suitcases so none exceeded the weight limit, and paying for an extra suitcase (grateful I planned ahead for this as my shipment is not there yet). The hard part- Delta said I had to have a ticket to leave Cambodia within 30 days, as I do not yet have my work visa. The airport WiFi was not great, so my first attempt seemed to not go through, so I tried again. Luckily I was coherent enough in my distress to purchase Phnom Penh- Bangkok, so the total was less than $100 and maybe I can get it refunded. Showing the ticket confirmation was enough and after along wait at Starbucks (not their fault, the line was sooooo long) I was just in time to board flight 1.

Here I sit on flight 3- the first flight was less than two hours, followed by a 13 hour flight, and now this one at 5. Happily all of my layovers allowed me enough time to walk a little, after all that sitting.

Tomorrow I begin the apartment hunt…

Zhi Hong (former student) slices here.

4 thoughts on “A Busy Start

  1. Abby Eggert

    Wow. You’ve had quite the day…I’m a nervous traveler, so your anxiety- at least I’m presuming there was some anxiety- was palpable. Best wishes on your travels and apartment hunting! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Michelle @litlearningzone

    Oh, I’m an anxious traveler too, but you made it sound easy and smooth! Way to hang in there! Rest when you can … and have fun apartment hunting! I can’t wait to hear about your new “home”!


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