First Days


#sol18- August 7, 2018

All I can say is thank goodness for my colleagues! Somehow I always forget how tiring the first days of a new school year are- add to that being new to a school/country, being team leader, and printers being an elusive tool and you can imagine my frenzy!

Luckily I have lovely teammates, an ever helpful art teacher across the hall, new teacher friends, and a sense of humor! The verdict after two days- I am already starting to fall in love with my class! 21 students (actually only 19 so far- the other two will join us soon), an interesting mix of nationalities and personalities. One poor guy threw up yesterday before he even got to class and went home (I hope it was not me!) and another confessed he was so nervous (so was I, I freely admitted).

In just two days we have read aloud four picture books (All Are Welcome Here, The Story of Fish and Snail, The Idea Jar, and Alma and How She Got Her Name) and begun our chapter book Lulu Is Getting a Sister. The students also saw Colby Sharp’s video of him raving about his book love and giggled as he jumped up on a table- then marvelled that I did too as I proclaimed my love of books. My class library is still en route from Malaysia, so our library is quite limited right now, but they are all diving in. One wonderful student brought in two books that she had bought doubles of by mistake- so the library has already expanded. Our lovely teaching assistant is busy creating our #classroombookaday board and we are off to the library tomorrow, where we will inevitably add to our class library while we await the 36 boxes to come.

Although I may not get to everything I have planned this week I am definitely sowing the seeds of #booklove. A good start, anyway!



Slice from a former student.



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