Getting in New Rhythms


#sol18- August 28, 2018

You know that feeling when you look up and suddenly realize you have hit your stride and the year is feeling familiar- you have found your rhythm? Yeah, well I am not there yet. I feel like in week 4 I should feel it, but I chalk it up to being in a new school- one day I will feel that rhythm…

Today there was a return to a rhythm of old- in KL Tuesday was at first my yoga day and then my Pilates day- today I returned to yoga.

Rika started the hour by assuring us that the session would be easily accessible for beginners (me). I was apprehensive about joining in as I am really suffering from my first cold of the school year and breathing is hard, but I decided to give it a shot. Well, Rika’s version of easier was definitely not mine, but by some furtive looking at my neighbors (which every yoga teacher always seems to say is not what you should do- after all, yoga is not a competition) I was able to sort of follow along except when I was overwhelmed by too many downward dogs and I needed to take a break because my head felt like it was going to explode. I was reminded of how terrible my balance and flexibility is and throughout my inner monologue was questioning my sanity in participating at all and debating whether this would be my last yoga session in Phnom Penh. Finally, the hour was over (okay, it was longer than an hour and I may have begrudged that extra time). As we all hustled off to our tuk tuks I was walking out with Karyn and Kelly who had attended the previous session that I had missed. Sandy commented, “I thought it was funny that Rika called that a beginner friendly session- it definitely was not that.”

And here I thought I was the only one who was thinking that. Although Sandy is ridiculously fit and a very experienced yoga practitioner I was glad she noticed.

“Yeah- it was much easier last week,” Karyn noted. Then we started sharing our challenging moments. “I always question why I am there as I look at the clock,” Karyn added. Again, I thought it was just me.

Maybe misery loves company. As for me, I am not yet committing to returning to this former habit.


A slice from a former student.

4 thoughts on “Getting in New Rhythms

  1. Alex Lancia

    But you are still committing to writing every Tuesday which is inspiring and commendable! Better than some other writers I know that say they will and then they don’t 😉 Good to hear you are on your way to settling in … it is a long process and I am definitely thankful I am in year 2!

  2. beetsyg

    So true for me, too–getting back to yoga after a while away is so hard! Are you also taking this class in a second language? I did yoga this summer in Thailand and spent most of my time watching the other students since the only words I understood from the teacher were the numbers (she would count how long to hold a pose) and eventually ‘breath in, breath out’.

  3. sallydonnelly11

    I love the story ending. Through dialogue, your wonderings about the level of difficulty are confirmed. I feel your pain. I hope that stride feeling arrives soon. Hang in there!


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