Balancing Wants and Needs


#sol18- September 4, 2018

Here is what I have realized (again) this week- I am really an introvert and I have to force myself to be more social, rather than spend all of my time outside of school alone.

After school today we had a quick meeting (the three grade 3 teachers and the PE teacher who is collaborating with us on our current unit), but the meeting ran long. Then it was only a few minutes until yoga was supposed to begin… I already was ambivalent about it, but I felt like I needed some quiet time after school, and although yoga is quiet it is stressful for me because I am way out of shape and this instructor works us hard! After checking in with the teacher across the hall and finding out she was also feeling time crunched I felt better about skipping it. A few minutes later she reported that it was canceled anyway because the teacher was in an appointment- ah, now I did not even have to feel guilty.

Next, I decided that I could later attend the Trivia Night/Democrats Abroad Meet Up since I would now have some time after school to get all my students’ Seesaw posts approved and captioned. This ends up killing a few birds with one stone- dinner at a yummy place, meeting some fellow Democrats abroad, socializing outside of school (and possibly meeting new people), and pushing me to get school work done so that I can attend as a reward).

Then I got a text from another friend saying yoga was in fact on as usual-hmm, confusing, but I had already made up my mind for plan B.

So here I sit in a quiet classroom that is now filled with the voices of my students as they share their thinking about their reading, math, Quiet Time activities, and unit projects- the room does not feel so empty anymore!


A slice from a former student.

1 thought on “Balancing Wants and Needs

  1. cmargocs

    Even during your “alone time” at school, you are surrounded by your students’ energy. I so related to this post, as I need my quiet time after work to recharge. Glad your plan B worked out!


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