Butterfly Garden


#sol18- October 30, 2018

My first day visiting my new school back in July I fell in love with the campus for many reasons, but I have to admit the butterfly garden had me captivated! In Kuala Lumpur, there was a butterfly park, but I had never felt the urge to visit- it was not in my neighborhood and while I like butterflies, a trip there never made my must-do list.

Then there was the first day tour. I was a new arrival in a fairly busy city and the butterfly garden just seemed like an amazing oasis. I am terrible about taking pictures, but for weeks I have tried to remember to bring my phone while visiting the school’s garden. It seems like I always remembered after school and it turns out it gets locked after school, so several Tuesdays I jiggled the entrance door handle only to realize that I would have to think of another slice.

Finally, one day last week I remembered to take my phone with me and took a few minutes to visit during a morning recess when I had a few minutes. For the first few minutes I was the only person inside but then a few young students joined me and we marvelled at the beautiful butterflies darting around. Because I was pressed for time I did not manage to get any great shots, but I love knowing that there can be many next visits and maybe one day I will take a picture there that really conveys the peace and beauty there. Our ES principal’s office looks out on the garden and she says she has spied secondary students snogging there, but such are the hazards of a school for all ages.











It makes me happy to know that there is this lovely space just outside the building I teach in! Don’t even get me started about the fun I have watching the free range chickens!



A slice from a former student!

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Garden

  1. margaretsmn

    We have to take our students on a field trip to go to a butterfly garden. How cool that there is one right on the grounds! Have you taken students there for writing time? One of my schools has a garden and we go out on occasion to write and explore.


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