Calendar Fuzziness


#sol18- November 20, 2018

You would think that after 4+ years in the tropics this time I would have it sussed, but no! Somehow the lack of real weather change makes me totally unaware of time passing. Couple that with not having holiday decorations in your face in every interaction and it just gets confusing. Some days I honestly have to stop and think as I put the date on the whiteboard, “What month is it?”

Somehow my calendar confusion is worse than ever this year- I blame it on the frenetic pace of acclimating to a new school. Usually, I map out my report writing dates faaaaar in advance because I know I write and type slowly. Usually, I allow one weekend for each section of the report, so it all gets done in time. Usually, I start early and finish in plenty of time.

This year my new principal requires our unit of inquiry sections to be finished shortly after each unit ends, so in theory, I had a running start as the first unit in mid-September. New teachers had to wait until a report writing meeting at the start of October to start writing, so I did. Eventually, I got my first unit reports in thanks to working on them over October break. The second unit ended at the start of November, but it wasn’t until last weekend that I got those comments written. They have now been peer edited and await the principal’s okay (and believe me when I say she reads them carefully) before I can put them in Managebac (a not so straightforward experience).

But here’s the thing- I have yet to start the other parts of my reports- that means the child as a learner, math, and language sections are all undone- not one word written. Which does not seem like a problem until I look at an actual calendar and see that math comments are due to the principal in just a week (which means they need to be written and peer edited before then). The language comments are due just 3 days later, the child as a learner sections are due four days after that. Which, now that I look at an actual calendar gives me all kinds of stress!

But then, there is the gift of time. Today is Tuesday, but it is a fake Friday. Here in Cambodia Water Festival is a three day holiday, so we have a five day weekend ahead. While other people are heading off on relaxing (or busy) trips, I will spend the bulk of the next five days here in my apartment-writing reports. While I am grateful for the gift of time I would have preferred to plan my time better (note to self- I have to write in my report writing weekend deadlines for the second semester now to prevent this frenzy next time). Tonight I will set up my work schedule (and plan in reward treats for myself for goals achieved). Darn calendar- time has flown, now it is time to get it done! How can there just be three weeks left in the semester when we go back on Monday?!?


Zhi Hong continues to slice.

2 thoughts on “Calendar Fuzziness

  1. I like how you compared time and the never changing weather. I do think that would mess up my thinking, too. Today is my Fake Friday, too!! Then off for 5 days for Thanksgiving Break. I will think of YOU as my husband and I head to Brooklyn. My daughter is there and cooking for us! When I walk by the Brooklyn Shake Shack, I’ll remember our day together in NYC. Good luck with those report comments!! You can do it!

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