#sol19- January 1, 2019

For the last few weeks, I have been seriously contemplating the word I would choose to guide me through 2019. I have been talking about it with friends, reading tweets and blog posts about already chosen words, and quite honestly, dithered. Yesterday being the last day of 2018 I carried my list around all day looking it over waiting for the choice to be clear. I had my list “narrowed down” to ten, but then another word came to mind that seemed to push its way forth to the top of the list. I then narrowed the list down to four and saw how that one word sort of encapsulated the other three. Thus, at midnight I chose “intentional” as my one little word for 2019.

2018 began and ended with loss- my cat died as the new year was just settling in and my great friend’s husband, a truly inspirational man, died on one of the closing days of 2018. Challenge was the right word for the year for so many reasons- I was tested in new ways- sometimes of my own choosing, other times by circumstances beyond my control.

Recently I took a foundational course in mindfulness (which was in my top four of choices for my olw) and in 2019 I am going to take the next level course designed for educators. This has helped me to start to live with more intention. I want to be more intentional in the choices I make both professionally and personally. I aim to align my beliefs and actions more carefully so that I live more sustainably (knowing that this word has many meanings- I want to make new choices environmentally and within my own systems to make changes I can sustain). I also want to work with students in ways that better reflect all of my intentions- as a teacher, I am always inquiring into ways to be a better teacher so I will continue my professional development (beginning with a literacy conference in Hong Kong at the end of the month).  I know that I am more intentional when I write more, so that is something I will prioritize- my notebook has been untouched for weeks. Personally, my time in Berlin has reminded me that I need to be more intentional with friendships. I tend to be a hermit and do not easily develop friendships, so I really have to focus on strengthening and valuing in all sorts of ways the friendships I do have (I am currently reading Text Me When You Get Home, a really interesting book about women and their friendships through time).

As you can see, this is a fairly random beginning list of the way that I think “intentional” will guide me in 2019, but as it is day one of the year I know there will be more connections ahead. I look forward to seeing what other people have chosen for their word and what my students will choose for theirs once school starts up again.



Zhi Hong (former student) still slicing.

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13 thoughts on “#olw2019

  1. Happy New Year! I love your word and I want to be more intentional in my words and actions too. I am sorry 2018 had so many challenges and hope 2019 brings so much joy!

  2. I think your word chose you, intentionally. 🙂 It’s a vital word in getting the most out of life – it implies careful thinking and choosing, definitely incorporating “mindfulness,” your other contender. I think of the Nike slogan: Just Do It. While that may imply more spontaneity vs, intentionality, it does cut to the heart of things – after the thinking, the planning, is the DOING. Wishing you a wonderful New Year, with many joys. Especially writing joys. 🙂

  3. I like reading posts about how people choose their words. You picked your OLW thoughtfully. I am still thinking.

  4. This is a serious and inspired post. I liked how you shared your metacognition about choosing your OLW for 2019. I did not do this last year until June or July. However, I do see how choosing a word can help focus your actions, especially if the word aligns the actions with your belief system and values. Good luck! I look forward to reading more about your intentions. I’m sure it will yield great things as it was chosen so purposefully!

  5. I love the thought process you walk us through. If we all could be more intentional with our own lives, who knows what great things we could accomplish?

    Thank you for this thoughtful slice! 🙂

    1. Yay! I can leave comments again. Just wanted to leave something simple before I typed a lot.
      Speaking of mindfulness for educators, you should touch base with Dana Kramaroff. (I believe you’re both the Voxer Group Kathleen started.) She has done some work on this, with her brother, in recent years. Might be cool for you two to connect about this too.

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