Practicing What I Preach- Reality Check Time


#sol19- February 12, 2019

So, we are just over two months into 2019, so I thought that this week was a good time for my students to check in on some of the goals they set just before the end of 2018. Today we checked in on reading- where were they? Many realized they had met their goal and were ready to take on the next challenge, but what about me? Tonight I am reflecting on my own goals.

While I did set a reading goal on Goodreads (and I am currently ahead on that) I really feel like I need to oomph up my reading life! I am reading for several book clubs -(The Culture Map for our elementary leadership team, Atomic Habits for Colby Sharp’s online book club, and Educated for our school social book club. But here’s the thing- I feel like I am really falling behind in my reading that helps me recommend books to my students, so I have to get more intentional about that (uh oh, there is my olw for 2019 calling out to me. This weekend I am due for some marathon reading time, but I will spend at least 20 minutes a day this week doing some extra reading) in my living room – Atomic Habits taught me to be really specific about the what, where and when, so it will be right after dinner for 20 minutes in my living room.) I realize as I write this I should have shared this when I spoke to my students. I did tell them I needed more reading time, but I should have shared my own specifics to help them try that too.

Later on this week we will check in on other goals, but I already know where I stand on a few of mine. Already I know I have not been writing enough. I am grateful that March is coming as I will again participate in the Slice of Life Challenge. In past years part of that challenge for me has been a break interrupting my routines and the fact that I have been supporting my students in their own challenge. This year I have no break and the student challenge has moved to April, but the school musical that I am helping with is March 22 and 23, so that will add a new layer of complexity. Whoever said challenges were easy?! Just yesterday I decided to go back to setting a 7PM alarm to remind me to write. Note it is 6:50 as I write this, so I am ahead of schedule, but last night I did not write… My goal before next Tuesday is to share the SOL Challenge with teachers at my new school and try to recruit a few new slicers. I did check back in with a teacher at my last school last night and he plans to join in again this year. I am putting together a message with some links to help others learn more about the challenge. I have already signed up to be a part of the Welcome Wagon so I know I will have some new slicers to cheer on for sure.

I am of the opinion that I should never ask my students to do anything I would not do, so this chance to check back in my goals has been a great time for me to walk the walk with my own goals too. I know I have other goals I still need to get working on, so I am glad to have this nudge push to check in-.

9 thoughts on “Practicing What I Preach- Reality Check Time

  1. I too need to find more time for reading and writing. I like the idea of setting a goal for a particular time and place. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks!

  2. We have lots in common! We are both reading the culture map and looking forward to slicing in March. I am sharing the SOL challenge with my staff tomorrow in hopes a few will join, and I’ll join the welcome wagon again this year. Good luck on your goals!

  3. Checking on goals is a great idea! I think every time (since Jan.7th) that I have planned to do that with my students, we have had a snow or ice day. Need to make sure we can talk about our goals. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Thoughtful reflection can’t be overvalued! I think the idea about being specific about your goals and strategies for reaching them is so important and a great one to share with students.

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