Happy Birthday to Me Weekend- Part 1


#sol19-March 1, 2019

We have a long weekend and it was my birthday last week so I planned a “happy birthday to me” weekend- a trip to Bangkok for a long overdue really complete health check up and the chance to do some book shopping (and more).

This morning I was awake early. Because I was having blood work done I had to fast from 7PM last night, so I scheduled my appointment to start at 7AM to get it all started and finished as early as possible. After arriving at the hospital and “checking in” I waited 20 minutes only to be told that I was at the wrong building- not the quick start I envisioned.

After walking to another building the check-in process was quick and easy and they even convinced me to change the package I was buying. I went for Holistic 55+- still not sure if I needed all that or if I missed some important tests… What would you choose?

Happily, a friend was also completing her own health check-up and she had been there several times before, so she was a great companion. We kept running into each other and finally were able to enjoy a snack together at about 11AM. The day was efficient and well organized and I felt confident that I would learn more than I wanted to know about my health (sadly I have been a big fan of good enough is good enough when it comes to my own health care). Most of the day took place on the 11th floor of one of the towers, with occasional visits to the 12th and 15th floors (I think). Before it was all over I met with a doctor who went over the results that were already in- turns out my cholesterol is borderline, I have a heart arrhythmia, my bones are losing density,Ā  I have unusual thickening on my right lung, I have scoliosis, I need to lose weight, and I need to regularly consult a dermatologist due to my moles (the last three I knew already). The rest was good news- lots of things working well with my body. I opted to schedule a few specialist appointments tomorrow – best to get my heart, lungs, and bones a second look I decided.

I left with blurry vision (the last stop was the in-depth eye exam), but a clearer conscience- I was doing the right thing and at least updating my health profile- now to take the next steps and figure out how to improve my areas of concern.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me Weekend- Part 1

  1. Sometimes, the best present we can give is the gift of taking care of ourselves! Your blog has encouraged me to get going on some appointments that I’ve been putting off. Because, you know, if you ignore something, it goes away, right? šŸ™‚

    Thank you for sharing this slice with us! šŸ™‚

  2. So many people spend a good chunk of a day getting all checked out whenever they pass through Bangkok. I have yet to live somewhere that I feel the best use of my time is to have it done in Bangkok rather than wherever ‘home’ is currently. I’m glad you know more and if I ever decide to give it a try, I’ll hit you up for advice! (Happy Birthday, BTW)

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