My Blue Sky Moment


#sol19- March 4, 2019

Mondays are a day of meetings for me. We have our PYP meeting with the grade level team teachers, EAL teacher, and the PYP coordinator (who is also the assistant principal) with drop-ins by other teachers for 90+ minutes. After school, I attend the ELT meeting (elementary leadership team) because I am the grade 3 team leader for another 90 minutes.

We start our ELT meetings (usually) with a time to share a team “blue sky moment”- something that has gone well in the last week for our team. Since we just came off a four day break it might have been hard to come up with a moment, but as it turns out we had “our moment” that morning at our PYP meeting.

A few weeks ago I made the suggestion that we build in time into our weekly agenda to share resources. We are all experienced teachers and we love to share ideas, but this has been a bit haphazard. We might run into a teammate in the hall and share an idea, but we may or may not remember to share it with the rest of the team. So far this is turning out to be useful, even though I am the only new to the team teacher. We are not searching out new resources, just sharing something we already use, so it does not take much time to prepare.

We are just beginning our unit on fractions and fractions are kind of a big deal in grade 3- lots of new learning. I decided to share a video. I recommend you watch it Graham Fletcher is one of my favorite math thinkers and this video really lays out the complexity of what we are teaching. The blue sky moment was the time spent watching the video together and really talking about our ideas for fractions, possible trouble spots for students, and more. This was followed (coincidentally) by a colleague sharing some fraction artwork we had seen shared on Twitter recently. It felt like our team was really thinking about teaching and learning and willing to take on new ideas. After all, isn’t that what meetings at school should be about?

I think sometimes I forget how much we are asking our students to do. as a team, we are making a commitment to share our ideas even more and we will all benefit.


4 thoughts on “My Blue Sky Moment

  1. Yes, ma’am, sharing is key to learning by all of us. What a great way to start the day or end the day for that matter! Loved your slice.

  2. I love this!! I’d love to hear more about how you manage to fit in 90 minutes for pyp planning! We only have 40 a week. I love the sharing idea and blue sky day!

  3. I agree that I love sharing with colleagues. Why invent the wheel again? I will check out the video with G. Fletcher. Always looking for new ideas.

  4. Work smarter not harder is the way to go. Sharing resources is beneficial for all! You know your colleague has already checked out the resource to make sure you or your students will benefit from it so that will save you time to do other things!

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