The Stinky Canal


#sol19- March 5, 2019

I LOVE my new city, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I love being reminded every single day that I am living somewhere quite different. I marvel at the beauty, the resilience of a country that has been through so much, and the new experiences I get to have. But every now and then I am slapped in the face with something really ugly.

I often have to traverse “the stinky canal” on my way to somewhere else. Since I ride via tuk tuk I can confirm that the canal earns its name. The other day when I went by it was somehow so much worse. IMG_2251.jpeg


and if that is not bad enough, my friend, Melinda, took this picture.53145627_10157095027602088_4108159518821580800_n.jpg

There really is a canal underneath all of this rubbish. Single-use plastic is a huge problem worldwide, but here you get to see it up close.  At school we are teaching our students about this issue of course and our school is a “green flag” school set to ban all single-use plastic, but scenes like this really make me feel a bit hopeless.


5 thoughts on “The Stinky Canal

  1. aggiekesler

    You’re in Phnom Phen! I’ve never been, but I want to. This reminds me of the Citarum River, the dirtiest river in the world, which is in Indonesia. There are Youtube videos of it. It’s so gross, but there are some people trying to clean it up.

  2. Diane Anderson

    This makes me think of the benjo ditches in Japan. And in Lima, Peru the ocean beaches near the city are too polluted to enjoy any strolling. And yet, both countries offer many places full of beauty.


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