#PubPDAsia Again


#sol19- March 12, 2019

Today was one of those days that kind of sneaks up on me (maybe this happens to you too?). It has been a busy while, so when I read the Daily Bulletin this morning I may have let out an audible gasp- I had left my personal computer at home and it was #PubPDAsia night… If you are new to the idea, see the link.

My principal caught me in a weak moment (there are far too many of them, I MUST get better at saying “no thanks”) early in the school year when she needed a coordinator for PubPD and although I have known the day was coming, somehow it still surprised me. I always get nervous- I am not a great socializer and I struggle being a host, as I feel responsible for people enjoying themselves. This was the fourth or fifth of the year and a few friends who usually attend would not be able to be there, so I feared I might be alone, but would feel compelled to stay, since I am sort of the coordinator in Phnom Penh. I tried to tell myself that if nobody came I could still have fun and it would all be okay.

Luckily as I was leaving the office after school I passed by Janet’s room and she mentioned she was staying and would be going along-yippee, at least there would be one other person! On the ride to the pub I explained how I got connected to the event and before we knew it we were there and ready for a drink. Some of the fun of PubPD is getting to know colleagues better, but it is also fun to meet other teachers in teh city from other schools. I was just teaching her to use Tweetdeck on her computer when a man walked in who was looking around and I immediately knew he was a teacher.

“PubPD?” I asked.

“Yes,” he smiled, extending his hand to introduce himself.

“Is it only us?” he asked.

“So far,” I said.

He asked if he absolutely had to join Twitter to participate and I assured him he could just look on with one of us, which he did. After quick introductions, he revealed he was only going to be in town for a few more months before moving on to Tblisi, Georgia. Janet had traveled there and shared some pictures and we started talking about the first question of the night.


It was just about then that the power went out, I think. We got a bit distracted watching a server trying to get in via the electronically activated door, but when another server just slid the door open all was well. Because the power went off we were also without wifi, and although we could have pulled out our phones to participate via Twitter that way we continued to just discuss the questions in person. We had fun sharing ideas and really the hour went quickly. As we finished up with the questions all of a sudden an hour without air conditioning felt really hot and by then it was getting quite dark. Although usually, I would have stayed on for dinner it did not seem possible with no power that we would enjoy a good dinner, so after paying our server we headed out the door. Nothing like a tech free Twitter chat in person.

Considering my social anxiety the night was fine.

2 thoughts on “#PubPDAsia Again

  1. Oh boy! I think that there was a greater hand in all of this! You had a good friend to go with from the start (well, at least one!) and the power outage compelled you all to really focus on the first question and have sustained conversation without technology. Kuddos to you all for not defaulting to your phones. PubPD – what a great idea!

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