March IS Magic!


#sol19- March 16, 2019

A brief moment in time yesterday really made me smile. We were getting ready to Read And Two Boys Booed as our #classroombookaday.  Many students are in the ES production coming up next week and I knew it had good talking points about stage fright and more.

“This book is by Judith Viorst, ” I said, “the author of Lulu Gets a Little Sister (this was our first chapter book read aloud of the year).” “The illustrator is Sophie Blackall who illustrated…” I paused.

Hello Lighthouse and she wrote it, too!” someone answered.

Finding Winnie,” another child added on.

“And also all of the Ivy and Bean books,” someone else piped up.

Then I read aloud another great book to add to our shared knowledge.

Ah, I love my job! It is awesome to have students who “know” so many authors and illustrators. I love seeing the results of a slow and steady diet of sharing so many books. March IS magic- the time of year when I feel like they are just ready for so much!



10 thoughts on “March IS Magic!

  1. glenda funk

    Yes to a “slow and steady diet” of books. This slice is a glorious twist on the March Madness obsession.

  2. deborahdillon

    March IS magic! you are right! I have always disliked March because of the weather, but your post makes me realize that I should change my view to a more favorable one – the visible progress that the students begin to give us glimmers of! It does seem to happen in March! We do an author of the month, and it is so rewarding at the end of the month when the students can rattle of a litany of works by a given author. Kuddos to you, instilling that love and enthusiasm your students!

  3. dianeandlynne

    Yes! Students who know authors and illustrators and have shared experiences form a strong community. Much learning demonstrated in Magic March.

  4. Fran Haley

    Such great books – and kudos to YOU for feeding the love of books in that slow, steady diet. That’s where the magic begins, in the teacher’s heart. 🙂


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