An Oldie, but Goodie!


#sol18- March 18, 2019

With third graders, it could have gone either way. Would they think it was too babyish or enjoy seeing an old friend and appreciate the reminder? As I turned on the projector to show another clip and they spied the thumbnail for my later clip they shouted on with glee, so I knew it would be all right.

We have started a unit on genetics, but it was clear that some students either did not know or needed a reminder about living and not living things as we discussed plants. Luckily an old friend, Cookie Monster, was there on the screen to give a refresher. Hearing the squeals of joy as they watched the clip assured me they enjoyed it. As skeptical third graders, they pointed out, “He’s not eating the cookies, he’s just throwing them around.”

“That’s not a real rock!” as he “ate” that too.

This led on to our review of how plants breathe, eat, and grow so we could apply the Cookie Monster test. They now knew for sure that plants are living things.

Turns out that this was just the start we needed and the third graders loved seeing Cookie Monster again.


8 thoughts on “An Oldie, but Goodie!

  1. Cookie Monster is my second favorite Sesame Street character; I have a soft spot for Grover. But I digress. I think kids love becoming reacquainted with characters from their younger days.

  2. Cookie Monster! This is great. Who doesn’t love a cookie or a found memory from way back when? It looks like you hit a memorable – though unlikely way – to introduced your science unit. I love the “That’s not a real rock” part, totally disregarding that he’s not a real monster!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love how familiar things like cookie monster can make presenting a message so much clearer and easier to comprehend. Glad you had such a great teaching/learning moment.

  4. No matter what the age, all kids and adults could use a little cartoon to bring them back and open up a feeling they once had when they were little….Sound like your kids had Excitement with that flashback ! Fun.

  5. So true that it could have gone either way. Love to think about how it will connect before and after . . . even ask students for next suggestions to see what they vote to keep or change in instruction. I bet yours sill vote to keep Cookie Monster! 🙂

  6. This is great!
    I play Will I Am singing with the Sesame Street characters every single day! I have a few hold out third graders who wiggle in their heads and sing along without letting on that they are. Lol.

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