When Life Mirrors Our Read Aloud


#sol19- March 19, 2019

It happens every now and then that life imitates art, but I sure am feeling that this week. We are finishing up one of my favorite read alouds, Because of Winn-Dixie. Today, as we read, I really noticed the parallels. We just read up to the part where Winn-Dixie is missing. I know that the next lesson will teach about how readers notice the climax of the story and has the third graders think of this as the boiling point- when things can not possibly get any hotter.

And there we are- that is exactly what I am feeling this week- things can not possibly get any “hotter”. this week is the last week of rehearsals before the elementary music is performed on Friday and Saturday. With rehearsals now every day the heat is on. Tonight I added just one more thing to my plate- book club-hard to say no when we meet so infrequently (plus I need to eat dinner, so at least I could have a good dinner out).

The discussion was wide-ranging and fun- only six of us there and it did feel good to be doing something different. When it came time to leave it was hard to book a tuk-tuk, so I walked home- only a 15 minute walk, but I could feel my tension building as it got later- I knew all I still had to do before bed (did I mention I have not been sleeping well the last few days- could not possibly be stress, right?). As there was no other option I powered through my walk. I really love walking, it is just the getting sweaty I hate.

Many jobs to do before bed, yet I can hear my pillow calling me. I look forward to this character (me) reaching the end of the story mountain of the musical (Saturday afternoon), but before then I know (thanks TCRWP) that I will have to look inside to find the inner strength I need to face my biggest challenge. And then (it seems likely) that it will all end happily! I will have learned a life lesson (maybe it is to not overcommit). that others can learn from me. If I am feeling this I wonder how many of my third graders are too- after all, they are the actual performers in the musical (along with some other students grades 1-5). Maybe tomorrow’s lesson will include a connection to the journeys we are also on and this may help them see the story structure in their own lives.

3 thoughts on “When Life Mirrors Our Read Aloud

  1. I love how you connect yourself to a story line. I too am feeling overwhelmed and over committed. Let’s take a deep breath and know we can do more than we think!

  2. What a great way to look at life – like a story, knowing that after the boiling point things will begin to resolve and come to some conclusion. Good luck with everything you are taking on!

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