Books Saved My Sanity


#sol19- March 22, 2019

Backstage was too crazy- the kids were so loud and it was hard to blame them- they were nervous, excited, and waiting made them restless and bored, so they got louder and louder. It was hard to get them to quiet down and they needed to hear important announcements. Something had to be changed. This was supposed to be fun for us all.

We came up with a plan for the performance days- upstairs as they were waiting for makeup, getting costumes, and waiting before coming to the green room they would have paper, pencils, and crayons. I printed off some coloring sheets, blank comic strip pages, mindful coloring, sudoku, and blank paper.

Downstairs in the drama room while they waited between scenes I would provide books. During recess today some students from my class volunteered to gather the books- they loaded four boxes with 30 books each- trying to choose a mix of chapter books and picture books, fiction and nonfiction. They were trying to create a selection that would appeal to grades 1-5. Judging from the noise level in the room they did a great job- almost everyone was glued to a book. The drama room was so much quieter and it was great to see them calm and settled as they waited for their turns.

The performance zoomed by and I was exhausted but cheerful at the end (and so were the kids). More than 90 students knocked it out of the park tonight- wahoo!

3 thoughts on “Books Saved My Sanity

  1. Congratulations on what I’m sure was a great performance! Great thinking with the backstage books.

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