Public Bathroom Etiquette


#sol19- March 25, 2019

I have a love/hate relationship with public bathrooms, especially, it seems in Southeast Asia. I have my own informal rating system (dry floor, having toilet paper, a choice between squat toilets and Western style, and hooks on the stall door are all plusses). They are so much better here in Phnom Penh than they generally were in Kuala Lumpur-maybe because of the various signs they post. In KL I always had to travel with toilet paper and often would just hold it rather than use the toilets. Maybe I am just trying them out in more touristy areas.



By the sink. 



Back wall of stall art, of course!



Near the sinks. 

Maybe it is because this restroom is in a mall (Aeon2, a Japanese company), but I, for one, appreciate the collective understanding developed through the signs (and when I finally get around to writing my review of public bathrooms wall art may be a new bonus category).


3 thoughts on “Public Bathroom Etiquette

  1. Jaana

    Delightful! This is how we find our topics! This really reminded me of my time in Asia. I don’t remember any signs on those days. At least you now have picture support to help you understand public bathroom etiquette.

  2. mcoop1st

    Bathrooms stress me out for sure! I love how you look for items in the bathrooms to help take your mind off how stressful they can actually be while using them!

  3. BeReal81

    I am not sure if people who have not traveled in Asia can truly appreciate this slice! Oh the bathroom stories from Thailand and China during my junior year in college! I never knew a facet spigot could be a replacement for toilet paper. I nearly lost a leg on ‘train toilet – aka a hole in the floor!
    Thanks for bringing back some funny memories!


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