A Fun Read Aloud


#sol19- March 26, 2019

Today was pretty exciting- a few books arrived. The students saw them as they walked in after lunch recess and immediately shrieked with glee.

“Can we read that as our book a day?” several asked, as they saw It’s Not Hansel and Gretel by Josh Funk, in the pile. It’s Not Jack and the Beanstalk had been a real favorite and many students still laugh when it is mentioned.

“Maybe,” I teased, knowing full well I would, after all, how can you ignore that excitement.

When the time came I told them that I would need two assistants. As usual, when it comes to volunteers I picked sticks. I knew reading a new book out loud would not be within everyone’s comfort area so told them they could pass if they wanted.

I chose P and C. P is an EAL learner and loves humor in books, but as he is not a super confident reader, so I was pleasantly surprised that he wanted to read. C. is a native English speaker, but this is her first year in a school where English is the language of instruction. I was pretty sure she would want to read and I was right.

The three of us sat up front together sharing the roles. C. and P had lots of fun, giggling through their lines dramatically. I got to be the narrator and the witch- plenty of scope for fun there too. As we read the last page the class noticed another fairy tale character spoke up and they predicted (correctly) that the next story would feature Little Red Riding Hood.

“Can we get that one too?” someone asked.

“It won’t be out yet, this book is still new,” a savvy classmate responded.

“You’re right, it is not out yet, but it is contracted,” I added.

I love that this class is passionate about read aloud and eagerly await new books.

It was the perfect end to a busy day!


4 thoughts on “A Fun Read Aloud

  1. mcoop1st

    My students this year love Read Aloud! I read three books a day along with a Digital Read Aloud right after recess! They can’t get enough either!!


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