Teachers Teaching Teachers Stress


#sol19- March 27, 2019

I so admire people who are comfortable presenting. That will never be me. I can teach kids, no problem, but put me in front of a group of adults, and I feel physically sick to my stomach. Back to School Night, parent workshops, and pretty much any time I speak in front of more than three adults. So imagine my quandary- I love the idea of “Teachers Teaching Teachers”, but volunteering to be one of those teachers… but somehow I force myself.

Today was our fourth (and final) session of Teachers Teaching Teachers for the year. This takes place during our regular Wednesday afternoon staff meetings and the sessions are just 10 minutes long (which really makes it easier to say yes, but harder for me to limit my scope). We have the opportunity to sign up weeks in advance and can pick our own topic.

The main problem I face is that I am no expert and I know it. I tend to choose topics that I am interested in and want to refine and would love colleagues to join me on the trail. Today I decided to focus on mining mentor texts to teach writing in small groups and conferring and I felt supported by many mentors whose work I referenced (including Stacey Shubitz, Jennifer Serravallo, Carl Anderson, several posts on the Two Writing Teachers blog, Lynne R. Dorfman and Rose Cappelli, Melissa Stewart, Rozlyn Linder, Kate Roberts, and Maggie Roberts). Thank goodness I brought them all in the room with me.

Ten minutes flew by and I am not sure anybody got what they wanted from the time together, but I could breathe again! Will I sign up next year? Time will tell!



6 thoughts on “Teachers Teaching Teachers Stress

  1. Kuddos to you! I am inspired that you got up there, even though you were shaking in your boots! I feel the same way…I once told our Board of Ed. that it was very intimidating standing before an audience who could open their own juice boxes. After 30+ years, I still feel that way. Thank you for letting us introverts know that we are not alone!

  2. I really like it when meetings are devoted to teacher snippets. Bringing your mentors to the table with you not only helped you with your presentation but opened the eyes of others. Using mentor texts and mentor wisdom from others is a way for teachers to share ideas that may lead to stronger lessons.

  3. Today, we are talking about our “comfort zone” and our “courage zone”. It looks to me like you took a big step into your courage zone! Nice job!

    Now, what was the best thing about this step for you? 🙂

  4. I feel the same way!! I had to do sports interviews/speeches all the time and hated them every time!! I feel comfortable within my classroom too but not in a whole group of teachers! I had trouble videotaping myself for National Boards. It took me months to get two videos I felt comfortable with sharing!! So glad that is over. Renewal for NBPTS is supposed to be easier! Phew!!

  5. I think most teachers feel the same way. We can stand in front of a room full of kids with no problem, but a room full of adults is anxiety-ridden!

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