Today Was Very


#sol19- March 28, 2019

Today was very busy- my only free period was supposed to be a meeting,  but there was no sub for the art teacher, so I took my class to art and was the sub. During lunch, I had already planned the first meeting of my slicers, so no lunch break either. Students slice in April this year and I wanted to kick it off with an informational meeting. Knowing some would love the extra time inside and others not, it was optional, of course. When a few days ago a student mentioned her sister would love to do the challenge too I opened it up to all classes grades 3-5.

In the end, there were less than 10 students there, only one from another class. We had fun nonetheless. We talked about what slices are (and are not), I shared an example from my month (Sunday’s post), shared a former student’s recent slice, and more. We talked about how hard it might be to slice every day, especially since these students are not used to blogging, the way my previous classes have been. We talked about the challenge of having a break during the month and our very busy lives. We talked about the logistics of posting when they do not have their own blogs and I offered several options, both digital and not. I also shared my recent habit if taking pictures of potential slice ideas and saving them for a day I needed ideas. We brainstormed a list of “emergency topics” and I mentioned the benefit of drafting ahead (although freely admitting I never do that).


As recess ended, I was asked, “So, can we meet a few times a week now?”

“Thursdays, I said, “we will keep it to once a week in April.”

When other students walked back in a few other students mentioned they plan to slice too- we shall see!

It is strange to not be worrying about my own month of slicing as the students prepare to slice. I am not yet sure whether I will like this change or not. I do know I am looking forward to seeing how these slicers get in their grooves.

6 thoughts on “Today Was Very

  1. What a busy day! I love the enthusiasm of the students: “‘Can we meet a few times a week now?'” lol! My students are also preparing for the CSOL, and they are just as enthusiastic (Can I write a post at home, too?”) Looking forward to exchanging comments with your students. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I often look through the pictures I have taken over the year to find inspiration. I also have a type-written list of ideas that come to me throughout the year (I have a slice folder).
    Good luck with your Slicers. Any additional writing they do it a good thing!

  3. This is wonderful! How old are your students? I bet that some of them will become addicted to technology in a new and more productive, brain-enhancing way once they start slicing! Best wishes to the next generation of bloggers (and their teacher)!

  4. Great job getting those students excited about writing. I bet you get another five before April 1st. Good job opening it up to a couple more grades!

  5. So glad you are getting students to slice. I want to do this next year…I’ve done it with my class in the past, but since I’m no longer in the classroom, I find it harder to promote things like this. Great post by the way!

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