Slicer As Learner


#sol19- March 31, 2019

It is surprising to me that it is March 31- living in a land of perpetual summer I have blogged before about how fuzzy time passing is here. Today I finish my 5th Slice of Life Challenge, so as many others will do, I am reflecting today on lessons learned (in some cases relearned).

  1.  I am a pantser- I rarely know what I am going to slice about until I sit at the computer. A few times I drafted an entire slice only o delete it and write the one that was calling me. I often keep lists of ideas (and this year even started taking pictures of ideas), but I rarely refer back to them. What does this say about me? I always imagine I will “bank” some slices and write ahead, but alas, no- it is always after dinner drafting for me.
  2. It felt quicker this year- maybe because my class starts slicing tomorrow, maybe because I am more used to the everyday routine of writing (but why can’t I keep that up all year?).
  3. I am insatiably curious (my younger son would say I am nosy). When I prewrite (aka live life) I try to find reasons/explanations for everything, so I look and listen more carefully when I know I am going to write later. I guess that is the wisdom behind what I try to teach my third graders when I try to convince them to live like a writer.
  4. I often use “bandaids”, but I do not necessarily think that is me taking the easy way out. This year I did not use ideas I have enjoyed in the past, such as “currently”, poems, or many lists (obviously this is a list, so I did write some lists).
  5. I love learning- I read so many more slices than I comment on and I am in awe of the community here. I learn more from each slice I read. Thanks to Fran and Sally I can now even insert a slideshow in a post (wahoo!).
  6. My reading suffers when I write more- time to balance better again (without giving up on writing, now that is the goal).
  7. I live a very solitary life on the weekends- this becomes very clear in my weekend slices.
  8. I love where I live and tend to slice about the here and now- this was my first March where I did not have a week off, so only a few days were from another locale.
  9. I look forward to encouraging my third graders as they begin their challenge tomorrow. I am sure most will not continue beyond tomorrow (that is the one day I give class time), but I hope some will. I still have a few students from several years ago slicing. I am a different writing teacher because I write.
  10. Wifi matters. With power cuts over the last few weeks some times it was really hard to post and/or comment. It is harder to persist when there are wifi issues.

Now for a day off of slicing, before returning Tuesday. Thanks for being a part of the journey.

6 thoughts on “Slicer As Learner

  1. What a wonderful reflection of your writing. I hope your students continue beyond tomorrow. My students love to write on our blog, however I’m not sure if they will write outside of class everyday.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed following your posts this month, and I just love these reflections. I need to sit down and really take a hard look at who I am as a writer and who I want to become. I too am a learner. Enjoy your day, but then please keep writing!

  3. I love these lists of reflections! I’m a pantser too, and realizing that and fully giving into it has made me enjoy slicing much more this year than previous years. I’ve been thinking a lot about why I can’t keep up the regular routine of writing all year too. If you figure it out, please share, because I am stumped!

  4. Pantsers of the world, unite — and hold on tight 🙂 On your list #1, 4, 6, 10 have also been integral parts of my slicing experience, too. Wishing you and your class the best (especially more learning) as the next Challenge begins…

  5. I am so happy to have connected to you through SOL! Thank you for reading my slices as faithfully as you have and giving such words of encouragement to this first time blogger! You have given me a glimpse into a world across the planet that I would otherwise never know. See you Tuesdays, or will it be just slicing time for your kiddos?????

  6. I have always enjoyed reading your posts. This reflection shows how thoughtful your writing is. Best of luck with your class now. I begin with mine too.

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