The Break I Need


#sol19- April 16, 2019

I procrastinated planning my Spring Break for several reasons, but part of it was inertia. I finally decided to go to Bali, but then I had other dilemmas-for how long? Where to stay? etc.

In the end, I decided to make myself a list- I LOVE lists (and yes, I sometimes add things to a list after having done them just so I can check them off), as I tend to get things done when they are on a list.

My list revealed that my only goals were to read and get some report writing done. That made my planning easier. I decided to give myself “cushion time” on either end of my trip away, where I could get school stuff done if it did not happen while away. With that decision made I then realized that I did not need much of a location- all that I really wanted to do was read, LOTS! Five days in the forest in Ubud would be perfect- I did not need a beach or fancy. It was my chance to read in nature-ahhh!

So far I can report I have walked through the city (I decided I better do that on day one in case I did not get to it later) and finished three books. Today’s plan-nothing! I was determined to be lazy.

I ambled to breakfast and then came back to my room to read on the patio. Just before going outside I saw a monkey out the window, but was too slow to get a picture. I am enjoying the compnay of many birds, butterflies, lizards, and more. I have had several human visitors too- a man dropped off an announcement about traffic issues in town the next few days, due to an upcoming royal cremation and the election. Another man swept the pathways. A woman brought a floral arrangement to the altar outside my window. I read Stella Diaz Has Something to Say. It was recently announced as next year’s early elementary Global Read Aloud choice and I wanted to see if I could read it with next year’s class-the answer is yes! Always over ambitious I have also read the first four chapters of Mathematical Mindsets (a book I read quickly when it came out, but will now read more slowly as I am taking an online course that uses the text) and I am currently listening to Dare to Lead while sitting on my patio enjoying an afternoon rain shower.

After creating a list of break goals (after all it is now day 4 of 9 and I can feel it slipping away) I think it is time for a walk- yesterday’s sunburn has mellowed and it is late enough in the day that the sun is gentler. A leisurely stroll to town is up next… I can feel my energy returning.