SLCs Were a Great Success


#sol19- April 30, 2019

Last week was a crazy week, what with just getting back from break, but there were several highlights. Last week we got to celebrate one of my favorite days of the year- Student Led Conferences. I think this was my seventeenth year being a part of SLcs, but for some of my students, it was their first. We had started talking about it before the break and each student had a draft of their agenda. We were actually asking a lot of them- in just 30 minutes we wanted them to share some new work on concepts, knowledge, skills, the learner profile, and action they were committed to.  They had to choose work that was representative of all the curriculum areas but could decide what went where and how. Somehow, as it alwasy does, it felt a bit hard, a bit too rushed, but then came Wednesday…

Those kids rocked it! They gleefully led their parents through their agendas, shared important goals and progress, flipped back and forth among different languages (conferences are always in the language they speak at home, so I heard English, Khmer, Chinese, German, Spanish, Korean, and more being spoken).

One highlight was a family Facetiming in mom to the conference. We did that at the three-way conference back in October too, so the precedent had been set. It is such a lovely hubbub of activity that it was no problem having four or five families in the room at one time. Running late? no problem- there were always others in the room anyway. Some students took a full hour, rather than their allotted 30 minutes, but the grins on their faces and the nonstop enthusiasm made the time fly!

Here was our “agenda” that they individualized.

Copy of G3 SLC 2019

Here are a few pictures:

The day made me fall even more in love with the students- they are teaching me every day and definitely embodying all that the IB aims for in the PYP. Being me I am already thinking ahead to next year and have solicited (and will continue to) feedback from students and parents about how it all went from their perspectives, but from my seat in the corner-it was all a bit magical. I was so proud of these kiddos! The sad thing is that SLCs always are a reminder that we are now in the fourth quarter and we have only a short time together left, but I am trying not to focus on that now.

2 thoughts on “SLCs Were a Great Success

  1. What fun, even after a break, to have the students share their work. So informative for families. Real learning. Results and feedback for you! What a win! Lucky you and your students! ❤

  2. SLCs are a brilliant idea. I wish they’d gain more traction here since I think they are a great way to bridge the school-home gap so that kids can talk more about their learning.

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