Some Rebranding Just Doesn’t Make Sense


#sol19- May 14, 2019

I often see new book covers on old favorites and struggle. I know publishers (I think it is publishers, is that who makes those decisions?) decide that some books will sell better with a new cover. I have the UK and US version of several books, so I know that covers vary from country to country too, even within the same time period.

I guess I have noticed in the past that games are also rebranded from time to time because everyone needs 101 different versions of Monopoly or Uno, right so why not have one based one each new movie?

But this? This is what I saw while shopping on Sunday.


So now I am wondering, is this just for outside the US? Since when has Sorry been rebranded as No Apologies? Clue is now Mystery Game? I know it is Cluedo in the UK, but… Climb & Slide instead of Snakes and Ladders? I just do not understand these changes. Maybe this makes me old fashioned, but I think all the names should go back to their earlier versions. This is rebranding gone wrong and makes me think of all the rebranded trends I have seen in education- sometimes a new name seems to be the only change.

2 thoughts on “Some Rebranding Just Doesn’t Make Sense

  1. This is something I wouldn’t have noticed, but you’re right, we rebrand things in education too. And so often it is unnecessary and weakens it, which is definitely the case with these games!

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