Keep On Keeping On


#sol19- June 4, 2019

It is the last week of school and we are tired, but keeping busy! Two weeks ago we wrote a list of all the things we wanted to be sure we did (or did again) before the last day of school, so we are concentrating on that.

Yesterday we had a time to “make” summer notebooks and the writers were soooo excited. We started with a fairly plain notebook, but then added on. I pulled out magazines (to add pictures and words), fancy tape, origami paper, a June/July calendar, a “bingo” sheet of writing ideas, and Kathleen Sokolowski’s QR codes for additional writing ideas. All of the supplies were options- the notebook was theirs to decorate/prepare how they liked. Some students started setting up pages (one divided her pages into “diary” and “free write”, another wrote some notes for a story she wants to write this summer. I knew my TA would have fun making her own writing notebook (her poetry notebook from our recent notebook is still be used) and she did!

I heard from one mom today that her son had proudly shown his notebook last night and had talked about his plans for writing over the break- be still my heart! I know they will not all write, but I always figure it is best to plan for what could be. Today I also shared a Padlet where students can share this summer. We talked about the options within Padlet- they can add pictures, video, and more. It will be a place where students can share writing, books read, adventures they have had and more. Again, fingers crossed they do. Next up… our reading plans! I will MISS this group!

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