Keeping Promises


#sol19- June 11, 2019

It was the last (half) day of school and it felt like the shortest and longest day both at the same time. I had promises to keep, so I made plans. Somehow I lost the plot a bit too early and returned my laptop before morning recess, so that threw off my timing. After assembly, we had about 10 minutes before the last recess of third grade.

“Should we stand on the tables and shout now or wait until just before dismissal?” I asked the students walking back with me.

“Now!” they chorused.

“Yeah, that is what I was thinking too. If anyone gets dismissed early I would hate for them to miss it,” I added.

Word spread as we walked. It was finally time!

Every year for the last five or so years I have shown Colby Sharp’s “I love reading” video on the first day of school. I then start a similar refrain from atop a table in our classroom and shock all my new students.  I do this just before their first recess of third grade because I want them to know right from the start that this is a year of reading. I then always promise them that on the last day of school they will be able to climb up on the tables and shout. This year’s group was impressed on day 1 and told new students as they joined during the year about my rant and promise. So, of course, I kept my promise!

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 5.06.58 PM

Our fab TA took the video to prove it:)

As the morning went on the time seemed to fly. We had to read one more picture book to get our #classroombookaday completed (okay, 180 days of school = 190+ picture books read and a bunch of chapter books too).


But as time continued to go too fast we ran out of time to finish our last chapter book, The Wild Robot.

“You know what I will do, guys? I will read it aloud and post the link on our summer Padlet,” I said. “But there is a lot to read, so I will not do it right away, but will get it done this weekend.”

“Are you sending us the link to the Padlet on Gmail?” they asked.

“I already included the link on my letter to you,” I reminded them. “Sure, I will email you the link too.”

So, what did I do Friday night after a great two hour massage and yummy dinner with a friend? I sat in the quiet of my apartment and read the last 80 pages of the book aloud and posted it in three parts on to our Padlet. I then sent the promised email with the link to the Padlet and went to bed.

From messages on our Padlet I know that at least three students have listened already. I am ever hopeful that this will not be the only story they hear read aloud this summer. I know many borrowed books from our class and school library to read, so there are books nearby. These kids have come so far this year, but now it is time to let them go…

This has been a special year, but summer here we are!


A former student (from two years ago) sharing his slice! I hope to get links to slices from some of this year’s group later:)


2 thoughts on “Keeping Promises

  1. sallydonnelly11

    You are an inspiring teacher. Thanks for this glimpse into your last day and night of school. I think you are coming to DC. Let me know. Maybe we can grab a meal together if you have time. Congrats on your school year! I finish next Friday!

  2. Lisa Roy

    Your students are so lucky, you are one of a kind- full of heart, creativity, passion, and a touch of insanity. The perfect ingredients for an amazing teacher, and friend. Happy summer!


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