The Hidden Hazard of Travel


#sol19-June 18, 2019

I was so smug. Sure I had traveled approximately a zillion miles and 13 time zones, but I was a seasoned pro and “jet lag does not really bother me on this kind of trip”. Sure I had missed almost an entire night’s sleep, but I “made up for it” the first night, successfully staying up until 9 PM and then sleeping through until 11 AM-unheard of! Night two was a little harder- harder to fall asleep, but I slept through until 6:30, so I was “fine”.

Then, there was night three…I was tired, so I headed to bed at about 9 and I fell asleep relatively quickly. I slept for 10 minutes and then I didn’t. I tried all my usual tricks- reading a bit more, counting slow breaths, listening to a sleep story (for the first time I heard one all the way through), then gave up and checked my phone, answered messages, read some more, and… nothing. I heard everything- my mom’s TV, then later her podcasts, her neighbors outside, the noises of the neighborhood, and then finally the birds. At 4:30 I sent her a message; “It is 4:30 and I have not slept yet, so if I finally do fall asleep I will probably sleep late.” A little while later I did fall asleep- and woke up just before 11.

So here I sit, on day three-feeling headachy and groggy and knowing that my body does, in fact, feel the jet lag. Ugh! Being the eternal optimist I am telling myself that now I have cracked it and tonight my sleep will be normal (knowing that all day tomorrow I will be on a train to my next destination and I have a heap of work planned for that time, but the gentle rocking motion of the train may end up being a perfect soporific).

Here’s to jet lag, my old nemesis- the hidden hazard of travel. I can’t complain- this trip is my chance to see family and friends and attend some great PD (including ALA coming up later this week- if you see me “resting my eyes”, you will know why.)


A quick slice from a former student.

4 thoughts on “The Hidden Hazard of Travel

  1. Your travel life sounds so intriguing (maybe not the jet lag, but definitely 13 time zones!). Here’s to your physical self catching up soon, yes, maybe on that train … here’s to your journey and your work!

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