Friends in France


#sol19- July 16, 2019

Friday night I began the last part of my summer travels- I will spare you that saga but focus today on one of the perks of being in France- the morning trek to the bakery. We are staying in a very large, very old, country home in Central France, 15 kilometers from the “city” of Chateau Chinon. At the moment there are ten of us here, with many more to come on Friday. Four of us are sleeping in the library and it is very nearly perfect. We stay up too late laughing and one by one wake up. Usually, I stay in bed reading(I say that after having only two other mornings here), but today, when L. got up she asked if I wanted to walk to the bakery, so I leaped up!

Our walk to the bakery started with a steep hill and I huffed and puffed, but luckily it wasn’t all uphill. We stopped at the bakery, made our choices for others(neither of us would be eating the treats) and walked a complete circle back to the house. The views are so bucolic. Life is good here!

Later in the day, we will be entertained by all the sheep and cows grazing nearby, but for now, it is breakfast time and I am enjoying the quiet time here.



A former student keeps slicing.


8 thoughts on “Friends in France

  1. mbhmaine

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful morning with us! Walking to a French bakery through such scenery is a rare treat, as is spending time with friends, staying up too late, and sleeping in the library. Enjoy! (You have me wistfully recalling my morning treks to the boulangerie during our stay in Paris–very different scenery but same delicious outcome!)

  2. Clare Landrigan

    Sounds perfect … so glad you made it and are finding down time with friends. It was great to see you in person! Safe travels

  3. Ramona

    You had me at the words, sleeping in a library, and then add a morning walk to the bakery. Just sad that you and your friend wouldn’t be partaking. Enjoy your quiet time and the beautiful countryside.


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