#cyberpd Week 3- Chapters 8-10

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 10.11.17 AM.png

Chapter 8- Small-Group Instruction-this is definitely an area I have lots of scope to improve- I tend to focus on individual conferences and I know I can get more done if I use small groups more purposefully and one way is via planning a short course of study- a goal for the first semester!

Chapter 9- Share Sessions- I loved thinking about sharing as falling into one of their four categories: craft, process, progress, or reflection. I had never considered it that clearly. I also appreciated the stems on p. 145.

Chapter 10- Strategic Instruction in Grammar, Conventions, and Spelling- This is something I have tried to include more in recent years (although last year my spelling instruction was poor, so I appreciated the spelling strategies on page 155 and the self-assessment on page 157. This chapter is one I feel my current school could spend some time on to build some more cohesion.

1 thought on “#cyberpd Week 3- Chapters 8-10

  1. Lisa Corbett

    Spelling is high on my “things I want to do better next year” list. We don’t have a spelling curriculum to follow in my school, and last year I found myself overwhelmed trying to figure out how to incorporate a program that others were using that I didn’t like. I ended up doing lots of personal word wall work, but it never quite felt like enough. I’m making my own spelling program this summer because I really need to do a better job at this, and I feel like having it all ready to go is the way for me!


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