A New Start!


#sol19- July 30, 2019

The new school year always feels like a fresh start and I love that. This year that feeling is compounded because I was moving apartments. I arrived back in town late Tuesday (hence my lack of slice last week) and bright and early Friday I was set to move. Thursday afternoon I got to pick up the keys and did a quick walkthrough with the manager. I was so excited! I knew when I moved into my previous apartment that I would probably only stay there for a year, but I felt I really lucked out in the new one. Here are pictures from before the move in.

Of course, moving day was a flurry of activity, but that night I looked out over my neighborhood and was filled with positive energy. Five days later here are my top five favorite things about the new place:

  • I am so close to so much (I love cities, particularly this one and I love being able to access things easily).
  • The apartment is so quiet- the windows actually keep out almost all sound- in the previous apartment I was plagued by barking dogs outside and loud KTV music (karaoke) from places blocks away.
  • The air conditioner works so well- it is quick and cool!
  • There is a lovely pool and a gym (and am determined to use them both.
  • The management is so good- they are eager to help.

My number one positive is that it really feels like home already- it is so comfortable (and because it is smaller than the last apartment it has forced me to purge a bit-always a bonus!). It is a great start to a new year!


A former student slicing.




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