Step by Step- How Do You Build a Community?


#sol19- August 6, 2019


My recipe today for the start of building our community:

  • Wake up too early (but after sleeping through the night I will take that as a win)
  • Be out the door on time
  • Do not take it as an omen when the water is not working on arrival

Once at school, take it slowly- I knew I was “ready”

  • After breakfast and checking emails set up for a “soft start” (drawing, Lego, reading, math games, a microscope and hand lenses, and more were available)
  • Write a morning message
  • Review notes- this day was going to be student led- the focus was on inquiring into who we are as individuals and a collective so that we could begin to develop community
  • Make sure the books are ready (All Are Welcome and We Don’t Eat Our Classmates)
  • Relax and greet the students as they enter

It was a full-on day- no “specials”, so lots of time together, but upon reflection, the day sped by and it felt like a great start. Now I have to take on their suggestions to look at tomorrow. The challenge is how…IMG_3877IMG_3878

2 thoughts on “Step by Step- How Do You Build a Community?

  1. dmsherriff

    Sounds like a soft start to the year kinda day – which is good for the mind and the community! Your first line – “wake up too early but slept through the night” had me laughing! So true- I’ll take an early rise after a “full” night of sleep any day! All the best for continued dalm and thoghtful days full of learning together! Thanks for sharing!


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