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August 10, 2019

This summer I was lucky enough to attend two great literacy events- ALA in Washington, DC, and nErDcampMI and as a result, I had the chance to meet many authors and illustrators. As an avid kid lit reader it was a great excuse to read more, but it presented me with quite a dilemma- what would be the first books I shared in the new school year- “old” favorites or new? When I made my list of the books I wanted to share in the first week there were more than 25! We have had four days of school and I have shared five already, but I have plotted out the next five- so here it is- the first ten picture books of third grade!

  1.   36959643._SX318_.jpgI teach in an international school- this year the students in our class hail from twelve countries- this book is important for day one!
  2. 36341954._SX318_.jpgEverybody needs lots of laughs on the first day- I made sure to squeeze in a second book on day one.
  3. 13588082.jpgKindness is something to emphasize from the start- this book that does not end “happily ever after” always provokes big conversations.
  4. 35160619._SX318_.jpgIt is important to recognize that we are all different and need to be patient with each other.
  5. 37506301._SX318_.jpgSo many connections for my students as they work to be seen.
  6. 38371226._SX318_.jpgI know that students will appreciate these underdogs.
  7. 42350073.jpgAs we begin reader workshop I want to reinforce that real reading is fun!
  8. 37119048._SX318_.jpgThis is a hard question in our class- some have never lived in their “home” country. We are spending lots of time on identity as we build community.
  9. 39983611._SX318_.jpgMy refrain at the start of the year is, “This is not my class, it is our class.” I want the students to know that their voice matters.
  10. 31625795._SX318_.jpgOur first writing unit focuses on small moments and sometimes scary moments are the ones students can write so strongly.

Trust me when I say it is so hard for me to choose books to start the year- this year’s picks will start us off right! Growth mindset is woven into many of the books. Growing community is the work of these first days. I don’t promise I will not read more than this in the first nine days!


3 thoughts on “#pb10for10

  1. Clare Landrigan

    Love your list and your reasons for each – thanks for sharing that. I felt like I saw you more this summer but guess a lot of it was virtual.


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