Starting with Play


#sol19- August 20, 2019

“There are square tiles on your table,” I said, “I’d like you to spend ten minutes playing with them.”

With that, we started math the other day. Sure, we went on to do something else with the tiles, but it started with time to play. When it was time to look at making various rectangles the students were ready to focus on that.

“I really like it at this school,” one of the new students commented today. “At my old school, we only seemed to do fun things when the parents were there.”

“Math was so fun today, but it was hard!” another student added.

“Math was fun AND it was hard because you were growing your brain. Your brain wouldn’t be growing if it was always easy,” I smiled.

These early days are so fun- lots of time spent on community development and growing confidence. My hope is that love of learning (and fun) lasts all year long!

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