Starting with Baby Steps


#sol19- August 27, 2019

“Just for a few minutes,” I told myself, “before it rains.”

It has been a month and a day since I moved into my new apartment and I LOVE it, but I had yet to take advantage of the pool (or the gym), so I was determined to at least have a quick swim today. Tuesdays are a long day- no specials for my students, so no “break” for me. The sky looked threatening, but I decided that a quick swim might be just what I needed.

“Ugh,” I scowled as I wrestled with my bathing suit. Note, I had even planned for these swims this summer, by ordering a few swimsuits (my old one was years old), but putting one on and going out in “public”… I made the mistake of looking in the mirror and it was true- it was as tight as it felt. “Phooey!”

I threw on a coverup dress, rummaged around looking for where I had stashed my pool/beach towels, and finally found them under the bathroom sink- that seemed like a good place a month ago. I grabbed my key card, stepped into some sandals and walked up the two flights of stairs to the rooftop. I walked through the gym, thinking, “If someone is in the pool I can just turn around.”  Phew, I was alone. I lay my towel and glasses, along with my towel on one of the empty chairs and walked toward the ladder. It should be noted I am not a strong swimmer, nor am I in good shape.

I wasn’t sure of the depth, but climbed down the four stairs and was pleased to feel the pool bottom beneath my feet. As nobody was watching I gave it a go, but quickly tired. I decided to swim a bit, walk a bit (my version of aquaerobics), and then keep going. It turns out that the pool is the same depth in all parts, so that was a pleasant surprise.

To my credit, when two cleaners came up a few minutes later, I kept going. Good news for me the rain started just a bit later, so I had my excuse to stop. I happily dried off and walked back down the two flights to return home, rinsed off, and I DO feel refreshed. Maybe this could be the start of a new routine.

As we start the school year we have spoken lots about setting goals- in fact, today we were talking about “outgrowing” ourselves. The goals we set a few weeks ago may already be “old hat”. Yet another way I could (potentially) walk the walk of being a lifelong learner and a goal setter if I find a way to push more activity into my life.

2 thoughts on “Starting with Baby Steps

  1. I’ve swum on and off for years. I swam through my entire pregnancy with Ari — even when I was as big as a house with stretch marks everywhere. You know what? I don’t think anyone was paying attention to me as I got in and out of the pool.
    Just go for it! Block everyone else out and swim!

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