Luckily I’ve Got My Team


#sol19- September 3, 2019

It is hard to believe, but we are in our fifth week of school already, and although the year is still feeling new, it is also feeling comfortable. Today we had just finished a learner profile reflection and we had about 20 minutes left in the day.

“I’m going to talk to you now as a teacher and a mom,” I said as the class sat down on the carpet.

“You ARE a teacher,” R. said.

“And a mom,” L. responded.

“Right, that is why I am talking to you about this with both perspectives.”

From there we went on to talk briefly about sleep- how much we need vs how much we get, as lately we are noticing some pretty tired third graders. It turns out that some do not go to bed until after 10, which is hard when school starts at 7:30.

From out of the corner of my eye I saw my teammate, Simon had just walked in.

“Eek!” I literally screamed.

“Wow, I really surprised Ms. Erika,” he said, “That was quite a reaction.”

But what I realized as soon as I saw him was that I was late, we were late, we were supposed to be together as a team practicing Peace Train for the Global Peace Project that I got us involved in. Videos are due next week, double eek!

Could it be that after we attempted to make our introduction video for our Global Goals project, that I was tired and forgot?! Yup! Tonight I better practice what I preach and get some more sleep.

Today I am grateful for our team- we are new to working together, but are really working to look out for each other. Happy to have a team (and a teammate who scares me when I am late) that is living #togetherwearebetter!

2 thoughts on “Luckily I’ve Got My Team

  1. Melanie Meehan

    I was envisioning a spider or a snake or some kind of crawly eek-inspiring creature. I definitely appreciate the feeling of forgetting and panicking, though! Get your practice in, and get some sleep!


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